Brand Spotlight: #ColourPopCosmetics Pt. 1

Hey y’all! I wanted to talk about an indie/low cost brand that you probably see all over the internet: ColourPop. I discovered ColourPop through one of my favorite YouTubers, Desi Perkins, when she used an eye shadow in a tutorial. She used an eyeshadow called Rex, which was fate in my mind because my dog’s name is Rex. Besides that, the brand has dozens of products from lippie stixs, liquid lipstick, bronzers highlighters and now concealers! They make so many products that I can’t put them all in one post! I will make 3 separate posts to talk about ColourPop: face, eyes and today we talk about lips.


            In the lips category, we have Ultra Matte Lip, Ultra Satin Lip, Ultra Glossy Lip, Ultra Metallic Lip, Lippie Stix, Lippie Pencils, Blotted Lips, Ultra Blotted Lips & Lip Balms. I have not tried the Blotted, Ultra Blotted and the Lip Balms, therefore I will not be talking about them. I do have to say that their Lippie Pencils (liners) are probably the best in the game. I will take about the overall formula and mention my favorite one’s that I own. But before I start with my lip breakdown I want to tell you a secret: ColourPop’s factory make all the makeup for Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Cosmetics. So, if you want the Kylie or KKW makeup at a cheaper price (and sometimes better quality), shop ColourPop!  Now let’s get started!


  • Ultra Matte Lip ($6):

I tried the Matte lips when they first came out and if I’m 100% honest, I did not like them at all. They were very drying and inconsistent, a la ABH liquid lipstick that I’ve talked about before in another Brand Spotlight and Liquid Lipstick Breakdown. But since then I have noticed that they have reformulated and they are a more comfortable matte. Still a little bit drying, but not desert drive. My favorites are Times Square and Bianca.

ultra matte.jpg

  • Ultra Satin Lip ($6):

This is my FAVORITE ColourPop formula! So creamy, pigmented and not drying. It’s not transfer proof but I don’t think it wears off as you would think. I have Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks that completely vanish after eating that these Ultra Satin Lips do not. If you want to try ColourPop’s lip products for the first time, buy this one. My favorite colors are Strip, Strut, 951, Dopey, Echo Park, just to name a few.


  • Ultra Glossy Lip ($6):

I don’t have that much experience with their glosses as much as I do with the other products. I do like that they are very pigmented and not sticky. One thing that I hate about glosses, which is why I don’t wear them so much, is when they are super sticky and they bunch up on your lips as you talk. My favorite shades are Curvii, Aquarius and Cabana Boy.


  • Ultra Metallic Lip ($6):

This is another formula that I do not have much experience with, as in I only own one! But I do have to say that they are extremely pigmented. Now with ColourPop’s lip products they tend to stain your lips and I’m not exactly ma about it. My favorite one is DM.


  • Lippie Stix ($5):

Where to start with these? They have so many colors and 4 formulas. They had more formulas before but have since reduced them to 4. Overall all the formulas are extremely pigmented, long wearing and they do not make your lips dry as a desert. Their formulas are Matte, Matte X, Crème and Satin. I suspect, by looking at their website, it seems like they are phasing out the Satin formula. I would have to say that the difference between Matte and Matte X is not that much, the Matte X formula is a little bit more drying that the Matte but they won’t give you that chapped dry feeling. But my favorite formula is the Crème, it’s like the Ultra Satin in lipstick form. They’re very creamy and pigmented and, like the Ultra Satin, they don’t wear off as much. My favorites are Lumière, Taurus, Aquarius, Drop Top, Cami, Ziggie, etc.

lippie stix.jpg

  • Lippie Liner ($5):

Saving the best for last: liners! These are some of the best liners in the game. Extremely creamy, matte and they last until the end of the world. They have every color you could imagine! As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Kylie’s products are made at the same factory, therefore you are getting the same product at a fraction of the price. I remember that before you could buy the Kylie lipliners individually and they were like $12 or $15. They have since stopped selling them individually, so if you own Kylie lip kits and your lipliner runs out first, don’t spend $30 to get another lip kit. Buy ColourPop! My favorites are 951, Curvii, Aquarius and Taurus.

lippie liners.jpg


Well that is it for Part 1 of this ColourPop breakdown! Hopefully I’ll wrap this up before fall starts. I am hoping to buy some of their new face products soon so I can give a well-researched review. The next Part in this series will be eyes! I am also going to review some of Huda Beauty Summer Collection, so look out for that post.





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