Hot or Not? Jouer Highlighters

I first heard about Jouer a couple of years ago, thanks to Desi Perkins. She used to rave about this cream highlighter that I knew I had to have. This was before highlighting to the gods or strobing became a thing. I found that the brand was not widely sold, but they carried it at my local Nordstrom. I didn’t find it to be “the most amazing cream highlighter”, it was just ok. I remember I then heard about it sometime later when people discovered their liquid lipsticks. I was over the “dry as a desert” liquid lips and liked that their formula was more hydrating. Since then the brand has evolved! I had not been able to try their pressed powder highlighters until now.


Jouer is now available at Beautylish! I absolutely love Beautylish, they have amazing customer service, great selection of products and an amazing payment plan option for buying. They just released their summer Skinny Dip collection which included the Skinny Dip highlighter, so I decided to get that along two other popular colors Citrine and Topaz. I was so excited to get my package but when I opened it I discovered that my beautiful Skinny Dip was shattered! The horror! (cue dramatic telenovela meme)

Photo Jul 10, 11 02 37 PM

I emailed Beautylish the next day and got a quick response. By the end of the day they had sent me a replacement. When I opened my package two days later, not only was the highlighter double bubble wrapped but they also sent me a personalized note! Beautylish is one of those companies that understand that customer service is key to success.


But let’s talk about the products! The highlighters come in a stunning gold reflective square packaging, the only downside is that the packaging is a magnet for fingerprints. Formula-wise the highlighters feel extremely soft and buttery, you get instant payment and they blend like a dream! Skinny Dip, like it’s lip topper predecessor, is a stunning medium gold, Citrine is a lighter version of Skinny Dip and Topaz is more of a peachy-gold.



Up to Down: Skinny Dip, Citrine & Topaz

When it comes to size, these highlighters are relatively small to other highlighters I own. I did a little table below comparing it to Becca and Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) pan highlighters:

Jouer ABH Becca
4.5g 7.4g 8g
0.16 oz 0.26oz 0.28oz



Jouer comes at the smallest, which is not bad considering that the Jouer highlighters retail at $28 each, Becca at $38 and the ABH highlighting palettes come at $40 for 4 highlighters.


Overall, I must declare these Jouer Highlighters as HOT! They are high quality for a great price. You can find Jouer on Beautylish, Nordstrom or Jouer’s own website and each highlighter retails at $28.



Before I end this post, I want to apologize for ghosting y’all! I was uninspired but I’m back and ready to shine! You are going to see more posts and looks plastered on my pretty face.




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