My Eyelash Extensions Experience

I have been going back and forth for about a month deciding if I should write this. Back in December, after months of research, I decided to get eyelash extensions! I thought it would be extremely cost effective and they looked good. I don’t o falsies, I live in Nashville not LA or NYC so I would look ridiculous if I would go to my desk job with falsies and my natural lashes DON’T STAY CURLED. They always go flat after a while no matter how much I curl or use curling mascaras. I’m going to go through how to prep, how to wear them, aftercare and life after extensions.


  • Prep & Aftercare:

Before going in to get extensions it’s important that you have showered before, you can’t apply water or be exposed to extreme humidity at least for 24 hours after application and fill ins. Another important rule is that you can’t have ANY makeup on. Every time I would go to get a fill in, my coworkers knew it was eyelash day because I would go to work with no makeup on and with my glasses. If you’re a contacts person, you must wear glasses for every application (or fill in) due to the glue they use. Be ready so spend 1-2 hours laying down still with your eyes closed, they use extremely sharp tools and you should be extremely careful.

  • Pros:

I loved how they looked! I would get so many compliments about my lashes and the saved me so much time. Since I would only have to apply bottom lash mascara it would give me 15 minutes back in my day. It also made my makeup removal so much easier and faster.

  • Cons:

The biggest reason why I had to stop getting extensions was probably the cost. Initially it was $200 in the place I went to and every fill in would be $85. The cost doesn’t seem that bad if it’s like $85 once a month, but because nothing is easy with me, I had to go back every two weeks to get fill ins and sometimes I had to go 3 times a week!! To quote my favorite YouTuber Kathleen Lights: dasss esspensiiiivee!! Since I have oily eyelids, the lashes would fall off in chunks, which led to get fill ins more often. My eyes also itched a lot more than usual, which made me rub my eyes more and loose more lashes.

  • Life after eyelash extensions:

It sucks. The end. I kid! My lashes look boring and now they lay completely flat. Before they would curl a little and then go flat. Now they don’t even do that. #FirstWorldProblems. I had them for about 3-4 months and I would consider getting them again but only if I would be in a better financial position. New car>eyelash extensions.


I’m going to leave some of my pics with eyelash extensions down below, both beautiful and extremely unflattering. Don’t judge. Thank you so much.



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