#AnastasiaBeverlyHillsxNicoleGuerriero Glow Kit Review and Sephora Experience

Hey y’all, sorry for the lack of postings but life is crazy right now. I think I’ve made it more than clear that I love Anastasia Beverly Hills, I’ve probably done like 384735 post about them, so of course when they announced their latest collaboration with one of my favorite YouTubers Nicole Guerriero I FREAKED. The palette was supposed to be released on Sephora and the ABH website on 3/3, the day before Nicole’s birthday, but there was an app only exclusive were you could buy it earlier. Of course, I jumped on the wagon and got it earlier and with my VIB Rouge free 2-day shipping I got it on 3/2. I was extremely excited, but imagine my surprise when I opened it and I saw this:


I quickly voiced my displeasure on Twitter and I also saw that I wasn’t alone. In fact, my palette was a lucky one, there were some whose pans were all shattered. Here are some screenshots that I got from Twitter:


I tried to fix the broken pan in my palette but that was a disaster, if it was fixable I wouldn’t have even bothered contacting Sephora. I was going to email Sephora about the palette or go to the store on Saturday but they beat me to it. They asked me to DM them my order number and THAT SAME DAY it shipped.



I must say that in all the years I’ve shopped at Sephora, I’ve never had a bad customer service experience. In fact, many companies should take customer service etiquette classes from them (I’m looking at you Kylie Cosmetics). But considering how many people had broken palettes I think they handled it as good as they could.


Now let’s get to the palette, the packaging is like their other glow kits but with 6 pans instead of 4. The Nicole kit has less grams per pan with 4.5g versus 7.4 g. The original glow kit feels much heavier and is bulkier than the Nicole glow kit. The Nicole pans also seem thinner than those from the original glow kit. The formula feels the same as the original glow kits as in glowy but not glittery.

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I really like the color selection, no two colors are the same. The only color that I wouldn’t consider wearing by itself would be Daydream, maybe as a blush topper but not exclusively a highlighter. The most unique highlighter in the palette is probably Forever Lit, which is an icy white highlight with lavender and green reflects. Overall is a nice solid palette, I wouldn’t expect less from ABH. Of course, the whole broken palette situation is unfortunate but at the end of the day I got my palette and I’m in love. Buy on Sephora or ABH.


As always, thank you so much for reading!

Ciao, Dinorath G

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