Does makeup expire?

While vacationing in Puerto Rico one of my friends asked me: “is it true that makeup expires?”. It’s not an easy answer, like if you had to put it in Facebook relationship status wording it would be “it’s complicated”. To be honest, I’ve kept some of my makeup longer than suggested but it’s my makeup, I can do whatever I want. I really think that the longevity of your makeup is related to how you store your makeup. Here are some things to think about when storing your makeup:


  • How do you know the expiration date?

Sometimes, either on their boxes or packaging, products have a picture of an open container and a number of months. What this means is how many months does it last after you open it. For example, pictured below, my ABH Dipbrow Pomade expires 6 month after being opened. But there are some products that can last forever, like my Urban Decay Naked palette that I’ve had since 2012. Then there’s some you should really throw out after 3 months, like mascara or brow gel.



  • Never store your makeup in the bathroom.

Like never ever. When you shower with hot water it creates steam, steam is caused by humidity and humidity accelerates the “expiration process” of your makeup. Powder products especially deteriorate very quickly because of humidity.


  • Temperature is key.

Many brands, skincare and makeup alike, write on their packaging at what temperature your makeup should be stored. Usually you see a temperature range from 73F-79F, or 23C-26C if you don’t live in the US. In places like Puerto Rico that’s not achievable, most homes don’t have central air conditioning and it’s humid 24/7. If you live in a situation like this, your best bet would be try to store your products in an area in your room that’s not close to a window or exposed to direct sunlight.



This was short and sweet, I hope this helped a lot of beginners out there!


-Dinorath G

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