Huda Beauty Lip Contour Sets and Rose Gold Palette Review

First, let me apologize to my followers for not posting in a while, life has struck me like a tornado. In this post, I wanted to bring a little bit of Middle Eastern beauty to America. Huda Beauty is a Dubai-based brand founded by Huda Kattan, an Iraqi-American beauty businesswoman who has amassed almost 16 million followers on Instagram alone! I have been following Huda and her blog since 2011, shortly after I became obsessed with makeup. Her brand has grown since then, branching out to lashes, lip contours, liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow palette. Now you can shop Huda Beauty on Sephora and Below I will give you my honest opinions on their latest releases: the lip contour sets and the Rose Gold Palette.


  • Lip Contour Sets ($24):

These sets include a Lip Contour and two Liquid Lipsticks, available in three different colors: Trophy Wife, Vixen and Trendsetter. At $24 you are getting a full-size lip contour ($19) and two mini liquid lipsticks ($20 full size). The outer packaging is stunning with a picture of Huda wearing the appropriate colors per kit. The foam insert where the products lay is a little bit hard to handle, if you are constantly taking them out and in of the packaging. The lip contours are very creamy, long lasting and you can use them more than once without them turning into nubs (I’m looking at you Kylie Cosmetics!). The liquid lipsticks are also creamy, long lasting and not drying. As I’ve said before in another post, I hate liquid lipsticks that make me feel like my lips turned to ash. I do think that for $24 you are getting an amazing value with this set, I also think it’s a good way to try out her lip products if you haven’t already. These kits are limited edition and can be found on Sephora. Rating: A.

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  • Rose Gold Palette ($65):

The price might be a little intimidating, which is why Huda even had to explain it on her Snapchat. This palette is talc-free, paraben free, cruelty free, etc. You get 18 eyeshadows, including 6 textured eyeshadows, 2 duo chromes and 10 mattes, which is more than other palettes like ABH, Too Faced, Becca, etc. The textured eyeshadows are meant to be used with your fingers, I have tried to use them with brushes and the pigment will not stick to the brush. I have no problem using my fingers but for people that have long nails or physical impediments, this might not be the palette for you. The mattes are a little dry and unpigmented which is very disappointing. They look so pigmented in the palette and when you swatch them, but when you use a brush the pigment just disappears! It’s buildable but for the amount I paid for this palette I expected immediate color payoff! This palette is also limited edition and can be found on Sephora and Shop Huda Beauty. Rating: C+.


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That is all for now, I’m going on vacation in a couple of weeks so I hope to have some blog posts up before I leave! Let me know of any other products you want me to review in the comments down below.



-Dinorath G


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