Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks

Hey y’all, so it seems like liquid lipsticks have been all the rage these past couple of years. Last year it seemed like every brand released their own version of liquid lipstick, and there are still more to come. I own A LOT of liquid lipsticks and some may say too much but I don’t let that type of negativity in my life LOL. I went through my collection, I will rate the lipsticks by formula, colors, price, etc. As always none of these brands know I exist, TYSM.

  • NYX Cosmetics ($7):

One of the most affordable in the bunch, NYX came out with these liquid lipsticks not so long ago. They have a variety of unique colors, 24 shades to be exact, and they are very comfortable on the lips. They feel more like a mousse than mattifyng. They do tend to flake off after a couple of hours, not as long lasting as others on this list. I do like that these lipsticks are super opaque and affordable at .13 oz. Buy them here. Rating: B-.

  • ColourPop ($6):

ColourPop has been one of the most innovative brands that I’ve seen in a while and they are sooo cheap! I do have to admit that at first their formula wasn’t that good but they’re always trying to improve. They have a huge variety of colors, but unfortunately most are limited editions. Their latest Fall Edit is a fall lover’s dream! I love that on their website they show you what ColourPop lip liners you can pair with the lipsticks. Their original formula was very drying and flaky, since then their new formula feels much more comfortable and lasts longer. They may not have the largest net weight (.11 oz) but it’s $6. Who can beat that? Buy them here! Rating: B+.

  • Stila ($24):

Stila is one of the first brand of liquid lipsticks I ever bought and they set the bar a bit too high. Their formula like a mousse, non-drying, comfortable and long lasting. I currently have one color left, my ride or die Patina. I remember a while ago when Patina was sold out ALL THE TIME. It took me months to score a Patina! Comparing them to the other liquid lipsticks I own now I see that the amount of product they give you (.10 oz) for $24 is not worth it. You get almost double the amount of product with JSC for $6 less. Buy here. Rating: B-.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) ($20):

In one of my last blog posts, I talked at length about how much I despised ABH’s liquid lipsticks. Their original formula sucked. I bought about 6 colors and I wasted my money honestly. The last color I bought was Craft and TBH I only used it once. The color is very similar to DoC’s Berry Me and I prefer their formula. I might end up giving it away and severing my relationship with these liquid lipsticks for good. Formula is extremely drying, flakes off very easy, doesn’t last at all and too expensive for such terrible quality. Rating: D.

  • Kat Von D ($20):

KVD is another one of those brands that I think are so over rated. I bought my first KVD liquid lip during the Lolita hype. I got the “bad batch” of Lolita, which I don’t find bad at all and since then they have changed the formula and color once again. For some reason, everybody loves these liquid lipsticks and I don’t understand it. They’re drying, they crumbled off my lips in chunks and didn’t last anything. For $20 I expected a better formula. I do have to congratulate KVD on having an extremely diverse color selection. Buy them here. Rating: C-.

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics ($18):

I came late to the game when it comes to Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks. I didn’t know a lot about the brand, just that they made the most unique colors. The first lipstick I ever bought was Unicorn Blood and the rest was history after that. These lipsticks are not drying, super long lasting and their color selection is amazing. They have reds, purples, blacks, blues, browns, etc. Their products are completely vegan and this includes their new highlighters and even fashion pieces. What I like most about JSC is that I don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying. During a whole 10-hour work day I only reapply once. The packaging is beautiful and for .19 oz the price point is good. Buy them here and here. Rating: A+.

  • Kylie Cosmetics ($17 as single, $29 as kit):

Oh Kylie. Kylie, Kylie, Kylie. I like the idea of the kits; the liners are amazing but the liquid lipsticks themselves are give or take. I bought my first Kylie lip kit when the brand turned a year old since I heard so much negativity about the quality of the products and the customer service. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and the colors that I received first (Koko K, True Brown K and Exposed). However, afterwards the customer service experience was terrible, I will make a separate blog post about it soon. But I do like the quality of the lip sticks, they now come separate to the liners but, and this is a big but, the quality of their products is not consistent. For Kylie’s birthday I bought Leo and I was extremely disappointed (besides the nightmare I had to go through with their customer service) because it was suuuupperrr patchy. I would advise to buy some of the older colors first since they see to have improved the quality. Buy them here. Rating: B-.

  • Girlactik ($23):

This another underrated brand that I love. Their liquid lipsticks are super creamy, non-drying and long lasting. At .25 oz it does give you more bang for your buck. My only gripe would be that they don’t have that many colors to choose from and they are not that accessible to buy. You can them here. Rating: A.

  • Tarte ($20):

Tarte is also relatively new to the liquid lipstick game. Their formula is very moussey and non-drying. However, I have noticed that they are not transfer-proof and don’t last much on the lips. They also claim to be a “matte lip paint” but I don’t feel like these dry completely matte. They just released a new line of “quick dry” matte lip paint while on their #trippingwithtarte trip to Bora Bora and hopefully I’ll try those soon. They do have a good range of 20 colors from browns, pinks, reds, berries and even a black. Buy here, here or here. Rating: B.

  • Dose of Colors ($18):

These are some of my favorite liquid lipsticks for life. I have almost every single color, it’s embarrassing. The formula is long lasting, very comfortable, matte but not drying, very pigmented, I can go on and on. I you want to invest in liquid lipsticks, this would be one of my top 3 suggestions. Buy here. Rating: A.

  • Jouer ($18):

Jouer has been one of my most reason acquisition of liquid lipsticks, I had only heard of Jouer when Desi Perkins used to talk about one of their crème highlighters. The first color I bought was Noisette and I just fell in love with the formula. The packaging looks so fancy, the colors are beautiful and the coverage is amazing. They’re not drying at all and they are super long lasting. For the past couple of months they have released more colors, including some metallics, and their new fall collection is to die for. They do have .21 ozs which is more than JSC at the same price. Buy them here. Rating: A-.

  • Ofra Cosmetics ($19.90):

Tbh I never heard of Ofra until Kathleen Lights came out with her collaboration with them and it’s one of the greatest hidden gems in makeup. As you’ll see in the pictures, I’ve been buying them for a while now, which is why I have mine in 3 different types of packaging. Packaging aside, it’s an amazing product, they have the largest variety of colors, their formula is amazing, etc. I a lot already but I want more! Buy here. Rating: A.


Well that is all folks! I hope this helped some of you deciding what liquid lipsticks to invest in and which ones to flat out ignore. Thank y’all for the support.



Dinorath G.

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