Must or Bust: Drugstore Brows.

Hey y’all, in my last post I wrote about one of my favorite brands Anastasia Beverly Hills, but let’s be honest: not everybody can afford a $23 eyebrow pencil. My best friend Carla wanted me to do a review on some drugstore brow pencils. So before I became broke after my last paycheck, I ordered so drugstore brow items on Ulta, I played with the items and tested them out and I will tell you if they are a must or bust!

  1. Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Precise Micro Pencil in Deep Brown ($7.99)-

This pencil was VERY waxy and difficult to blend. The pencil was breaking off very easily and I think I wasted half of the pencil in one application. It also applied uneven and because of the waxiness it was very hard to blend out. The other Maybelline brow pencil had a better consistency than this one. It also had a short spoolie, probably the shortest of the bunch. Returned to Ulta. Rating: D+.


  1. L’Oréal Brow Stylist Definer in Dark Brunette ($8.99)-

This was probably my favorite out of the bunch. The color was very buildable and very easy to blend out. Comparing it to my ABH Brow Definer, the color was much cooler. It only comes in 3 colors which is a bummer. Also the spoolie is the longest out of the four. The pencil itself is finer and that helps the application to be more precise. Almost replaced my ABH Brow Definer (hides). Rating: A.


  1. Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Define and Fill Duo in Deep Brown ($7.99)-

I swear that I do not have a vendetta against Maybelline but this brow product is absolute trash. It’s extremely hard to blend, the pencil has a very waxy texture. I still don’t understand the powder filler, I tried to swipe it on my brow, on my hand, on my face and NOTHING CAME OUT. Of course this product has no spoolie because of the stupid powder apparatus. I did like the color of the pencil and comparing it to the other Maybelline brow product, the consistency of the pencil was much better. But besides that it was just terrible, definitely returned. Rating: F.


  1. NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil in Espresso ($9.99)-

I won’t lie, I have used this product before BUT I was a big fan of it then. It seems that they have changed the pencil’s formula and apparently the colors too. Before I used it in the color Brunette so when I was looking on Ulta the color selection it seemed like Brunette looked too brown for me (my brows are super black). Espresso seemed darker and cooler than Brunette on the website so imagine my surprise when I looked in the mirror after I applied it and my brows looked RED. I repeat RED. Besides that, it was a little harder to blend. I gave it to my sister. Rating: C+.




That is it for my extremely honest opinion on these drugstore brow products. Again, I’m not being sponsored by any brand, they don’t even know I exist. Let me know any other post you may want to see.



Dinorath G.

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