Brand Spotlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH)

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that used to be famous for one thing: brows. But for the last couple of years they have transformed and are known for MUCH more than just brows. ABH has delved into contour, eyeshadows, eye shadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, concealers, foundations and highlighters. Most of their products are definitely must haves, especially if you’re a professional MUA because you can customize anything and everything. That’s probably why a lot of people are drawn into ABH because they understand that “one size fits all” is a myth. You can buy ABH products on Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, Nordstrom and the official ABH website. Below I will talk about their products and be brutally honest on what I think of them. Needless to say, I am not getting paid by ABH to talk about their products, they don’t even know I exist.

  • Brows:

This is what ABH was originally known for, they have multiple items just for brows. They sell brow powders, brow wood pencils, brow mechanical pencils, brow wax, brow pomade, brow kits, etc. They also sell an array of brushes, scissors and stencils, literally anything you can need for your brows. The first brow product I ever bought was an ABH brow kit (pictured down below) and that kit lasted me forever! Since then my brow routine will always consist of 4 things: Brow Pomade in Dark Brown, Brow Definer in Ebony, Brow Powder in Dark Brown and the Clear Brow Gel. Their latest Earth shattering brow product was the Brow Definer. I never used the Brow Wiz so I decided to try out the Brow Definer and OMG I will never put it down. All hail Anastasia, the Queen of brows!

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  • Contour:

When I heard that ABH was coming out with a Contour Kit I was shook, I knew I had to have it. They first released a universal contour kit which would sell out in minutes every time it went on sale. I would wait for hours at night for midnight releases and fail miserably. When I finally got it, I was not disappointed. The original range of colors was amazing with 3 light or “highlight” colors and 3 contours.  Now they have 3 versions of the Contour Kit in Light to Medium, Medium to Tan and Deep.  They also recently released a Cream Contour Kit (which I also have) that has the same concept as the Powder Kit. The best thing about both palettes is that you can buy the pre-set palettes or create your own. Both Cream and Powder Contour Kits are customizable to your needs.

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  • Liquid Lipsticks:

Out of all of ABH’s, this is the one product that I just CAN’T get behind. I bought a bunch of the liquid lipsticks when they first came out, and I wanted to like them, I really did. I would watch all these YouTubers rave about them and I’m like: “did they get the same product I got?”. I spent a lot of money on some of their liquid lipsticks and I had to give them all away. I do think that they have changed the formula since then because I tried to give them another try and I bought the color Craft. I feel meh about it and I also have the same color in a Dose of Colors liquid lipstick.

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  • Eyeshadow Palettes:

The ABH eyeshadow palettes are with prices ranging from $30 to $45. They do a lot of limited edition palettes partnering with “Insta-famous” MUA like Amrezy, Maya Mia, DressYourFace, etc. Their most recent palette, Modern Renaissance, I mentioned in my “Top 5 Favorite Fall Eyeshadow Palettes” is just amazing! Their next palette will be their collaboration with Make Up by Mario, Kim Kardashian West’s, main MUA and of course I have already ordered it! Even though some of the palettes might be limited edition, you can find some of your favorite eyeshadows sold as individual eyeshadows.

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  • Individual Eyeshadows:

The individual eyeshadows come in a variety of 8 finishes: Titanium, Ultra-Matte, Satin, Shimmer, Velvet, Sparkle, Metallic and Duo Chrome. Each individual eyeshadow costs $12, which is double the amount of a Make Up Geek eyeshadow BTW, but you can bundle. According to the ABH website you can build your own quad (4 eyeshadows) for $40 or an 8 eyeshadow palette for $70. These prices DO include the empty palettes that you put the eyeshadows in. Their eyeshadow quality does not change from the pre-made limited edition eyeshadow palette to individuals, the formula is consistent. ABH eyeshadows are some of the best quality in the makeup world. They are already selling the Modern Renaissance eyeshadows individually, no word yet if the shades on the Make Up by Mario palette will be available as individuals.

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  • Lip glosses:

ABH’s lip glosses are amazing, super opaque, very creamy bout not sticky and only $16. If you look into other high end brands, you’ll see that their prices range from $20 to $85, which makes the ABH glosses a total steal. They are so opaque that you can wear them by themselves, they don’t dry out or get clumpy and they have a variety of 43 shades. I repeat: 43 SHADES! The only other brand that has more shades than ABH is Buxom but the quality does not measure up to ABH. TBH I actually like their lip glosses more than their liquid lipstick and I am not a fan of lip gloss in general.

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  • Highlighters:

Their first array into highlighters was their limited edition Illuminators and you can still find some colors on the ABH website. Since then they have released several glow kits which I think are limited edition also. These palettes are also customizable, like their contour kits, but for now they have not released the any individual highlighters. They first released Gleam and That Glow and I was able to snatch up That Glow at Sephora. As far as I can see Gleam is no longer available but you can still get That Glow on the ABH website. They then released a special edition summer glow kit in Sun Dipped,  which I consider That Glow’s sexier and tanner younger sister, and  it’s still available at Ulta, Macy’s and ABH. They have also released two cooler toned glow kits in Sweets and Moonchild that are still available only on the ABH website. Their next dip into highlighters will be their limited holiday edition Ultimate Glow Palette which will be available on their website and wherever ABH is sold. The only highlighter palettes that do not seem to be customizable are the Moonchild palette and the Ultimate Glow palette which are the only ones who have 6 highlighters instead of the usual 4.

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  • Foundations:

Their most recent release, and probably not their last, are the foundation sticks. I’ve already given my thoughts about the foundation stick here and here. They are $25 each, available in 28 shades and more to come, available in every skin tone, etc. Included in the 28 shades are also 3 contour shades on Fawn, Shadow and Mink, and a highlight shade in Banana.

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Phew! I’m finally done! I hope you liked this post and found it informative and if you’ve been thinking about purchasing an ABH product and wasn’t sure about it, I hope this helps. Please let me know in the comments what other posts you would like to from me.


Coming soon: Favorite Fall Lip Shades, Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks and a review on drugstore brow products.



Dinorath G.


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